Operating since the fall of 2000, the Margaret Murphy Center for Children (MMCC) has been dedicated to serving children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disabilities. Over the last decade, MMCC has grown to six school locations and a satellite classroom in the public school system.

Our programming focuses on providing supports while working to develop the student's academic as well as social skills. With emphasis on individual needs as well as interaction with teachers, peers, and the greater community, MMCC's dedicated staff strive daily to provide nothing less than the best programming for each student.

So, welcome friends, families, educators, and providers. Browse our pages and come back often as we continue to make this site, not merely an electronic landmark of our being but a community; a useful tool for us all. Most recent updates can be found on our Community Newsletter Page. Please feel free to stop by our contact page and let us know you were here.
A wonderful day to you and yours!